Service Plans

Would you own a car and not provide routine maintenance? Better yet would you take a sailboat out to sea and not check the boat for soundness, engines, clean water and emergency supplies?

This is the equivalent of what most people do every day when they do not check, clean and maintain their heating, plumbing, piping and water heating systems.

LiveGreen Plumbing Services offers you worry free service and maintenance agreements.

What we do.

  • Complete 30 point evaluation of your plumbing and heating systems.
  • Flush and tune up of your water heating systems.
  • Clean and check of your heating system.
  • Water quality test and evaluation.
  • Treatment of drain systems with Bio-Clean.
  • Annual valve winterization and de-winterization.
  • Tag and location of all emergency valves.
  • Preferred booking for service plan holders.
  • Discounts for all non-warranty related work performed.
  • A least one lateral line drain clearing annually.

We have plans for commercial properties as well.

  • Preferred booking for commercial service plan holders.
  • Snaking.
  • Grease trap replacement and repair.
  • Annual and quarterly Jetting.
  • Water treatment for commercial properties.
  • Preferred pricing for all commercial service plan holders.

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