Water Filtration

Never before has the need been greater for quality home water filtration. Whether your home uses municipal tap water or private well water, there are contaminants present in the water you use for drinking, cooking and showering. The level of contamination and the specific contaminants present in your water are largely a factor of your geographic location and water source.

What you can find in your water.

The main sources of municipal tap water are surface water and ground water – water from lakes, streams, rivers and deep wells. Almost all municipal water sources undergo a disinfection process using chlorine or chloramine (chlorine & ammonia) to kill bacteria and parasites. Although the EPA regulates 91 water contaminants, there are many that still find their way into the tap water we use every day. Other contaminants commonly found in tap water include lead, copper, sulfate, nitrates, pesticides, herbicides, arsenic, industrial solvents and trihalomethanes, a chemical known to cause colon and bladder cancer in large concentrations. Contrary to popular belief, municipal water treatment facilities were not designed to take out contaminants such as synthetic organic chemicals and toxic heavy metals like lead.

How water filtration protects you and the environment.

Installing proper water filtration will remove the chloramine, chlorine and ammonia down to undetectable levels. Filtration will also remove metals like lead, copper and rust also solvents and other harmful contaminants. Filtration helps your appliances, pipes, and water heater last far past their life expectancy.

A family of 4 uses approximately 3,000 bottles of water a year. This has a serious adverse effect on the environment. Even with strong recycling programs millions of bottles still find their way to landfills. These same bottles are shipped and stored were temperatures can reach over 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Studies have shown that these bottles can leach harmful chemicals at higher temps.

What should you do?

Do want to protect the health of your family? Do you want to save money on bottled water? Are you concerned about you pipes, water heater and our environment?

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